Friday, July 9, 2010

Class 6 Log - Amazon Sucks

Spent the class going over other students' theses. Not exactly any remarkable new revelations about my own thesis yet, though looking at other students' bibliographies does give me at least one or two new sources I can look up.

Amazon's taking their sweet time sending me the texts I ordered. This could be quite bothersome depending on how much research I need to present next week. It is worth mentioning that most of the texts I've seen so far (apart from the ones I've ordered) cover decision-making under pressure, suggesting that those are the most important decisions that we perceive. I can say this: for the most part, no game I've played has had the element of pressure or consequence added to its decisions, they've been mainly cosmetic character interpretation-type decisions. The question here in designing this paradigm will be how to develop a causality without making this an un-doable project.

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