Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Class 5 Log - Need to Focus

Presented my thesis statements/abstract, which I evidently got completely backwards. I basically wrote 12 different abstracts and 1 super-short abstract, and as we tried to come up with a quick sentence in the middle of class to condense all these it became pretty clear that I've got, metaphorically speaking, an 80-card deck that I've got to cut down to a 60-card deck. As I try to conduct my thesis statement I'm going scattershot at EVERY possible means of making a story non-linear when I've got to pare it down to just one particular method. Fortunately I know which method that is (the more explicitly narrative-focused, branching structure), I just need to take the time to come up with those ten new short statements.

I didn't get much in the way of additional suggestions for research; mainly an article published by Wizards of the Coast on different player archetypes. Should still be useful as it says a lot about how gamers make decisions, but not necessarily the immensely broadening new perspective or enlightening psychological study I was hoping for. If I'm right, I should find that gamers universally think about intrinsic/material value rather than morality and that they'll do what they think gives them the greatest reward over what they think is good/evil. Right now that's all conjecture, though.

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