Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prototype in Progress: Choose Wisely

Figured I may as well update on the state of my prototype. Right now it's DEAD simple. Just one choice, simple interface, STUPIDLY simple choice. Do you take the crappy cup (the real Holy Grail) or do you take the gold cup (fake Holy Grail)?

Click here to see the full-sized image

My plan right now is a little crude as I'm just exploring what all has to happen for there to A: be a tree of multiple choices with this interface and B: be a bubble diagram of all the narrative choices available that will dynamically color itself to indicate the path the user has taken thus far. It's less challenging than I thought it would be, which makes me feel really stupid for taking so long to get started with this.

Displaying text dynamically and making the buttons work is the dead-easy part. Right now I'm grappling with how to make the bubble diagram view work; AS3's not been cooperating with me too well on that score as I've got the chart on a different frame of the timeline and it keeps erasing things. I'll probably need to find a different solution to get around Flash's errors. I'll need to make the main variables global, for one, which involves a really loony workaround by turning them all into a package but makes them all accessible everywhere, and I'll have a lot of stuff to do with arrays and dynamic instantiations, which I'm a little out-of-practice with. The big pain in the butt as this thing scopes upwards is that I'll have to figure out the coordinates of each node in the bubble diagram--which means a lot of clicking back-and-forth between the code window and the stage--and record them in such a way that the code can access it. I keep thinking there's got to be a better way to get this thing to procedurally build the diagram. If I make "choice" into a class of its own I should be able to do that in some way, but first thing's first--let's get this thing generating that chart...

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